Back In Balance

The Alexander Technique

Saturday Mar 16, 2024 to Saturday Mar 23, 2024


Over the last two years or more there have been so many changes for so many of us. These changes have caused a great deal of stress on many levels. This stress can manifest in many ways, not least of all to our physical body. More and more people are suffering from back or neck pain, caused by too much muscular tension in the muscles which for the most part goes completely unnoticed, because it gradually builds up little by little every day. The tension in the muscles also affects our mental and emotional health. During this week we will examine how to become aware of this tension and more importantly how to release it, helping you to bring your life back into balance.

This Back in Balance course is based on the Alexander Technique which is a unique way of improving balance, posture co-ordination and how we react to external change. It can help prevent or dramatically alleviate neck or back problems, migraine, arthritis, insomnia, depression and stress as well as the whole range of other physical aches and pains that are common today. During the course we will explore everyday activities such as standing sitting, walking and working at a computer to see if we are holding too much tension in our muscles without realising it. This course will help you to improve posture and confidence as well change the way you think which will help you to move through life with greater ease.


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