Do You Love Stories?

Explore the ancient art of oral storytelling

Saturday Mar 16, 2024 to Saturday Mar 23, 2024


Sharing stories around a fire must be one of the oldest experiences of human community life. It still has the power to move and enchant us.

Oral storytelling is something everyone can do.

Why not awaken your inner bard. Learn how to enchant your listeners and weave the magic of a traditional story. This is not reading a story out loud or writing it, it is learning to tell it from the pictures in your mind and heart.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt a traditional story, myth, folktale, or fairy tale by heart and will confidently enjoy telling it!

We will explore techniques for remembering stories and creative ways to bring them alive in your imagination. Myths and fairy tales can provide nourishment and inspiration for the stories unfolding in our own lives. And this will be a space to slow down, reflect and get lost in stories, to find again the inner call to the story we want our lives to be telling.

What story will unfold for you during the week - and beyond I wonder?

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