Building Creative Confidence

Take risks and develop your art, build creative confidence, and become fearlessly expressive

Saturday Mar 09, 2024 to Saturday Mar 16, 2024


If your curiosity has been taking a long siesta, or become silenced and jaded over the last few years, this holiday retreat will reignite your creative imagination. You will be encouraged to experiment with a wide range of familiar and unusual materials, and explore exciting new techniques to develop, or start your art.

The take away will be a desire to experiment more at home with fresh confidence, making creativity a part of your daily life. To learn how to express yourself more confidently whether boldly or quietly and to take risks, with whatever art practice you already enjoy.

Whether a beginner with no previous art experience, or a beginner artist painting on the kitchen table or an enthusiast in a studio, this holiday retreat week is suitable for anybody wanting to get in touch with their creativity, to find new ways to connect with themselves and to co-create with others.

You will be using your phone cameras like a notebook to discover and record what you don't usually notice. E.g. I want to remember this flower, this cloud, this plate of delicious food. You will document the high mountain villages, the local colourful market, and the close up beauty of the Cortijo Romero gardens.

You will create a collection of photos that will inspire your art experiments at Cortijo Romero, and by the end of the week you will have gathered together a unique album that can provide you with further inspiration for experimentation back at home.


Very varied and interesting. Suitable for beginners to experienced artists.

Non threatening and great fun. Wonderful variety of materials provided by Meg. Margatet Byrne.

Brilliant introduction to the world of creating art, how to learn to experiment with no fear.

I have always thought I couldn’t create anything practical with my hands.

I kept surprising myself and actually liking what I created and left with the knowledge ‘I can do this’ ‘ I am creative’ ‘ I want to do more’. Aggie Johansson-Hartley


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