Simon Allen

"I was recommended to a master in Hong Kong who taught me five days a week over a long period of time. I continued my personal practise whilst travelling around South East Asia. Then, later on in Cuba, I found another highly respected master, and soon after I built up my own groups, which gave me a great opportunity to hone my skills.

I continued with my world travels, and I enjoyed teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in other countries including the USA, Mexico, Ethiopia, South Africa and India.

It wasn't until I became dangerously ill in India leading to an emergency flight back to England, where I was diagnosed with type A Typhoid, and Diskittes (an infection that eats away at the back discs caused by typhoid) that I decided to dedicate my heart and soul into Tai Chi and Qigong.

At Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital the doctors had let me know that my condition was critical, that at worst I had six months to live, at best I would be paraplegic. I wasn't fully aware of it at the time, but in hindsight, my illness was such a blessing, it gave me a strong sense of direction, and the opportunity to really put the healing powers of Tai Chi and Qigong to the test.

I spent hours practising, and this enabled me to feel, and harmonise the flow of energy to such an extent that not only did I simultaneously feel a deep sense of peace and vitality, I was also healing mind, body, and spirit. By focusing my attention inwards I became very sensitive to my bodily needs which changed my lifestyle for the better; knowing when my energy was being depleted, eating healthy food, healing my emotions, sleeping well, and feeling fully connected to my surroundings.

The dramatic improvement in my health amazed my doctor, and I felt a deep desire to share what I have learnt through Tai Chi and Qigong with anyone curious to know more.

Since my illness I have been wholeheartedly sharing my practice, and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to people from all walks of life at various community centres, holistic festivals, spiritual communities, drug rehabilitation centres, and retreat centres like Cortijo Romero. I also hold private and group classes in the UK during the summer months before returning to Spain where I am presently living"


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